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Call for proposals 2013 EU ICI-ECP Programme

For Joint Mobility Projects (JMP) and Joint Degree Projects (JDP)

Reference: EACEA/24/2013
Application deadline: 15 May 2014


The Industrialised Countries Instrument (ICI) promotes co-operation between the European Union and seventeen industrialised and other high-income countries and territories in North America, the Asia-Pacific region and the Gulf region. One of the supported specific actions promotes "people-to-people links" with the aim to enhance mutual understanding between cultures and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge. The Industrialised Countries Instrument - Education Cooperation Programme is called ICI ECP.

This EACEA 24/2013 ICI-ECP Call for Proposals supports co-operation with Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea by means of Joint Degree projects (JDP) and Joint Mobility projects  (JMP). Such projects focus on structured exchanges of students and faculty members and on the joint development of joint or shared curricula and joint study programmes, as well as on the award of joint or double degrees in the case of Joint Degree projects.

All projects must address: development of innovative international curricula, student services, language and cultural preparation, organisational frameworks for student mobility and faculty members' mobility, evaluation, sustainability and dissemination.

In the case of Joint Degree Projects the Call is open to consortia of higher education institutions and in the case of Joint Mobility Projects the Call is open to consortia of higher education institutions or vocational and training institutions. Please see the Fact sheets for more details.

Eligible applicants must be from one of the Partner Countries and from one of the 28 countries of the European Union.   


The total budget available for the co-financing of projects amounts to approximately EUR 2.2 million. Comparable funding will be provided by the Partner Countries in accordance with the rules applicable for each of them. The number of projects to be funded depends on the availability of budget in the partner country in question


The deadline for submission of applications is 15th May 2014. Applications bearing a postmark after this date will not be considered. They must be submitted both to the EU and to the implementing institutions in Australia (Department Education) or in Japan (Japan Student Services Organisation –JASSO) or in the Republic of Korea (National Research Foundation of Korea).

European applications:

EU applications on behalf of the EU lead institution must be submitted on the correct form, duly completed, signed by the person authorised to enter into legally binding commitments on behalf of the applicant organisation and dated. The European lead institution must submit the original application plus two copies to the following address:

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Unit P10 – TEMPUS and Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries
ICI-ECP Call for Proposals 24/2013
Avenue du Bourget n°1 – BOUR 02/17
B – 1049 Brussels

Australian applications and supporting documents should be sent by registered mail to:

The Director, Strategic Policy, Europe & Americas
International and Infrastructure Group
Department Education
GPO Box 9880
Canberra ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA

Japanese applications and supporting documents should be sent by registered mail to:

Tetsuya Yamamoto
Student Exchange Support Division
Student Exchange Department
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8630, JAPAN

Korean applications and supporting documents should be sent via link: https://ernd.nrf.re.kr/index.do

Applications must be submitted using the form provided and they have to include all the annexes and information requested.

Background information about the programme:

  • Call for Proposals 24/2013:
    PDF file bgCestinaDanskDeutschEllinikaEnglishespañolEesti keelSuomiFrançaisHrvatskaMagyaritalianoLietuviu kalbaLatviskiMaltinederlandsPolskiPortuguêsromaniaslovenčinaslovenscinaSvenska

  • Guidelines 2014 PDF English

    Disclaimer to the Guidelines 2014:  Please note that the requirement specified at the end of section 9.4.3 p.40  of the Guidelines (i.e. "The Authorising Officer responsible shall require the beneficiary to submit, in support of the final payment, a “Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report - Type I” produced by an approved auditor or in case of public bodies, by a competent and independent public office.") does not apply to projects selected under the Call for proposal 24/2013.

  • Application Form 24/2013 Word English

  • Administrative and Financial Handbook PDF English

  • Models grant agreements 2013
    • Joint degree project PDF English 08/04/2014
    • Joint mobility project PDF English 08/04/2014

  • Frequently asked questions PDF English

  • Legal Entity form: download from DG Budget website

  • Financial Identification form: download from DG Budget website

  • For Participant Identification Code, please refer to the website: http://ec.europa.eu/education/participants/portal

  • Experts Assessment Manual PDF en

All personal data is processed in line with EACEA's Privacy Statement PDF en


This action is managed by the EACEA, unit P10 Unit P10 –TEMPUS & Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries.
Applicants may also contact the Industrialised Countries Selection team, for further information, at: