EU Aid Volunteers Training

EU Aid Volunteers Training

Status Deadline Call reference
23/12/2015 - 17:00 (CET, Brussels time) EACEA/2015/01

IMPORTANT NOTICE (updated 08/12/2015)

On 1 January 2016 new financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union will enter into force (see Regulation (EU, EURATOM) 2015/1929 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 October 2015 amending Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 966/2012 on the financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union (OJ L 286, 30.10.2015, p. 1)).

These new rules will impact this procurement procedure. A corrigendum has been published in the Official Journal, to notify that the Agency has updated its procurement documents and that it has extended the deadline for submission of the offers.

While preparing your offer you must refer to the new procurement documents which are listed below. The documents which have not been amended by the corrigendum remain valid as they were.

If you have already submitted an offer in the meantime, you must submit a new offer, complying with the new procurement documents.

Please note that the authoritative source of information is the English version. If there is any conflict between the translated versions and the English, the latter takes precedence.

Prior Information Notice en

Contract notice: enfrdebgcsdaetelesgaitlvltHrvatskahumtnlplptroskslfisv

Corrigendum: enfrdebgcsdaetelesgaitlvltHrvatskahumtnlplptroskslfisv

Contract award notice: enfrdebgcsdaetelesgaitlvltHrvatskahumtnlplptroskslfisv

Invitation: en

The invitation letter has been revised. The deadline of submission of the tenders and also the date for the public opening of tenders have been updated.  Therefore, please take into account this new version.

Tender specifications: en

The tender specifications have been revised to include minimum requirements and changes in the indicative time schedule and delivery of the first trainings. Moreover, additional information on the visual identity of the results to be delivered was included , in response to question N° 17 of the Q&A document (see updated version of 8.12.2015 below). As a result sections 1.3; 2.2; 2.3; 2.5; 2.6; 2.7; 2.9; 3.3; 3.8; 3.12; 3.13; 4 and 5 have been slightly adjusted. A section under 3.13 – Minimum requirements has been included into the Tender specifications. Therefore, we strongly advise you to check the updated information in the whole document.


Annex 1 - Framework Service contract en

The previous version of the model framework service contract has been replaced with a new version which will be the only one applicable for the present contract. Please disregard the previous version.

Annex 2 - Information concerning the Tenderer wordenfrde

Annex 3 - Price list enfrde

Annex 4 - Declaration on honour worden

The previous version of Annex 4 has been replaced by a new model of declaration of honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria. Please disregard the previous version and use this version instead.

Annex 5 - Commission Implementing Regulation 1244-2014 enfrde

Annex 6 - Commission Delegated Regulation 1398_2014 enfrde

Annex 7 - Training curriculum ( Annex II Commission Implementing Regulation 1244_2014) enfrde

Annex 8 - Competence Framework enfrde

Annex 9 - Model EU CV worden

Annex 10 - Checklist enfrde

FAQs en (Updated 15/12/2015)