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Jean Monnet Programme

Key Activity 3: European associations active at European level in the field of European integration and education and training

Key Activity 3 of the Jean Monnet Programme provides co-funding to support certain operational and administrative costs of European associations in the field of education and training active in:

  • European integration subjects and/or
  • Pursuing the objectives of the European education and training policy.

Unlike most of the other strands of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Key Activity 3 of the Jean Monnet Programme does not provide co-funding for individual projects. It awards operating grants in order to support the costs necessary for the functioning of the association.


Key Activity 3 of the Jean Monnet Programme aims to support high-quality European associations which contribute to:

  • increasing knowledge and awareness on the European integration process through education and training;
  • achieving at least one of the strategic objectives of the "ET 2020" strategy of the European Union for education and training.


Potential beneficiaries are in particular European associations which are the most representative in terms of the target groups that are likely to be covered. These may be European associations:

  • of education professionals;
  • representing educational and/or training establishments;
  • focussing on particular aspects or themes of education and/or training;
  • focussing on education and/or training in European integration studies.

The details of the eligibility of applicant associations are outlined in the specific calls for proposals.


Candidates may apply every year to the call for proposals published on the Official Journal of the EU:

Call for proposals 2012 - Operating grant

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